Four Interesting Facts about Junior Boys

Four Interesting Facts about Junior Boys
Jeremy Greenspan formed his group duo with Johnny Dark in 1991 in Hamilton, Canada. Later Johnny resigned from the group and replaced by Matt Demidus, Greenspan’s engineer. The duo group is still active in the present time. Below are four interesting facts about Junior Boys that you should know.

They Felt that Their Fourth Album Would be the Last One
Greenspan mentioned that for a few years, they felt that Junior Boys were done. With some personal crisis, the group created gloomy and sad energy. When they released their fourth album “It’s All True” in 2011, they felt like this is the last one for them.

In addition, their contract with their label, Domino Recording Company had expired, and they didn’t feel to renew it. Greenspan went back home to Hamilton and Didemus stayed in Berlin.

Jessy Lanza and Jeremy Greenspan
During their hiatus, Jeremy Greenspan worked with Jessy Lanza, a singer from the same area as Greenspan to produce her debut album “Pull My Hair Back”. During the process of the album making, Greenspan felt that he had more freedom in making the music and get more inspiration to produce music.

He felt that he wanted to bring back Junior Boys and produced another album. The Jessy’s album was a success, so Greenspan felt little pressure if he wanted to start a new project with Didemus for Junior Boys’ new album.

Junior Boys Made their Fifth Album Remotely
Greenspan who lived in Hamilton worked remotely with Didemus who lived in Berlin to produce the new album. The new album was released on 5 February 2016. After the previous two albums that felt heavy, the new album “Big Black Coat” offered fresher and lighter songs and it felt like the comeback of their classic record.

Junior Boys Had New Contract with New Label, City Slang
City Slang, a record label company which is based in Berlin, Germany agreed to work with Junior Boys to produce the fifth album of Junior Boys “Big Black Coat”. City Slang was famous for the United States and Canada that wanted to expose their music to the European music industry.

Junior Boys’ last album “Big Black Coat” was being recognized in US and UK. It peaked in number 14 based on The Official Chart Company for Independent Album Breakers in the U.K and peaked in number seven in Top Dance/ Electronic Albums in US Billboard. Even though Junior Boys hasn’t released the new album since 2016, many fans from are looking forward to their new album to be released soon.

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