Getting Closer with Junior Boys

Getting Closer with Junior Boys

Those who are big fans of electronic music in the early 2000s must familiar with the duo music from Canada, Junior Boys. Junior Boys are well known with their songs such as High Come Down, In the Morning, Hazel, Banana Ripple and many more.

The First Formation
Junior Boys was originally formed by Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark in Canada in 1991. Their interest in Electronic music brought them to the project of making new tracks. It was full of challenge for them since they got many rejections of their music demo. Johnny Dark decided to leave the group before they made their debut.

Kin Records was Interested in Their Demo
After Dark left the duo, Kin Records heard the demo and called Greenspan if he could provide them with other tracks. Matt Didemus who helped Greenspan with his music joined the duo. Both of them then made several new tracks and produce an album

Half of the Songs in the First Album was Written by Greenspan and Dark
Even though Johnny Dark already quit from the group, there are five songs in the first album ‘The Last Exit’ were written by Dark and Greenspan. The rest of the tracks were written by Greenspan alone or Greenspan with Dedimus.

The Unique Promotions of Junior Boys for Their Second Album
Junior Boys launched a fan video contest for their second album ‘So This is Goodbye’ in 2006. The fans can use any track from the album ‘So This is Goodbye’ and made it as the soundtrack of their videos. Junior Boys also released a website who the users could leave goodbye messages there. At this moment this website doesn’t belong to Junior Boys anymore.

Most of Their Albums were in Billboard Chart
Junior Boys was being well known in the USA. From their second album ‘So This is Goodbye’ peaked in number 10 at US Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Album. Their third album ‘Begone Dull Care’ peaked in number six at US Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Album. their fourth album ‘It’s All True’ peaked in number eight and their fifth album ‘Big Black Coat’ peaked in number seven.

Even though Junior Boys was on break for five years after they released their album ‘It’s All True’, Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus were back again with new lighter tracks in their fifth album ‘Big Black Coat’. The Big Black Coat was the successful reinvention of Junior Boys.

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