Jeremy Greenspan

Junior Boys’s Jeremy Greenspan and Geej

It isn’t a surprise that Jeremy Greenspan has been produced music since the 1990s and it shouldn’t be a surprise when he built Geej. Geej is a local record label and this label is more about ambient and techno dreams. Not far from the genre he is focusing today, this local label holds more stories behind it.

Where Is the Studio?
Obviously, Greenspan built this label in Hamilton. This city is historical for him especially on his music career. He created his first tracks here back in the days. Several demos and tracks were recorded here, of course with other label or when he rent some weird spaces which are common in the area.

It comes as logical when Greenspan decided to start a new local label here. This place makes significant impact on his career today, while it is sure an inspirational place where he gets to gather several fellow musicians he is clicking to, and start new projects.

Why He Built It
The very first reason of building the local label wasn’t about recording at all. As mentioned by Greenspan during an interview with a local magazine, Geej was first built for accounting reasons. A Canadian label was needed during the time, so it could put out Junior Boys and Jessy Lanza records.

However, as expected from a real music guy, things get deeper and more complex than expected. Very soon, this label has several projects from other musicians too aside from the original projects they were supposed to work on. The story is even richer today since then.

What This Label is Doing Today
According to Greenspan, Geej has been doing a lot of stuff. First, of course, there are many of Greenspan’s material they work on. Once, Greenspan will put his material on Jaiolong, but with Geej, he is able to do more now.

In addition to his own work, Greenspan start to produce more materials and tracks from other musician too. Today, there are more than enough materials to work on. Geej has release schedules and there are a bunch of interesting records are ready to put out.

Jeremy Greenspan isn’t only a smooth talker and a great musician. He is a nerdy so it is only logical when he started his own local label and this label started to do more and more through the days. Looking on things he gets his hands on, these stuffs are worth the wait.

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