Junior Boys Wrote "In The Morning"

Junior Boys Wrote “In The Morning”

“In the morning” is one of Junior Boys’ album which spread out their name as a Canadian Music Group. The electronic music they propose in their career makes people fall in love with every single they produced. This song was released in August 2007 which was exactly attached in the album “So This Is Goodbye”. Mashes with modern sound with the calming vocals, this song is succeeding to make fans of junior boys’ to love this song. Eventhough this is an old song since it was produced years ago, but it is still an easy listening song nowadays. In this article, we would like to discuss about Junior Boys’ song, “in the morning”, accomplished with the song meaning and its association with Junior Boys life.

This song, generally, tells about a guy who is dating with a girl, but she wants to break up. She is not satisfied to have one boy, yet she wants to break up in order to go out with a more mature gut. The guy here is shortly telling her that she is to young to consider and think about relationship seriously. She just need to be fun and do not grow too fast. In the first verse of this song, junior boys stress sentence of “too young” by repeating it until 8 times. It means that they stress the core idea of this song.

The first paragraph of the song tells about the girl’s profile, a younger, who loves to go out in the night. She goes sleeping around from a place to another place, or even it perhaps means that the girl loves to go sleeping around with a man to man. This idea is shown by the sentence Girl the night’s not over (Oh, too young), they can chase forever; you don’t care just take one; leave a place to rest on. It means that the girl is not merely satisfied with her relationship just with one boy, she wants to explore many more boys and the guy is understood about her character. The boy in this song is like giving all for the woman.

However, it not makes the woman is satisified to be with the guy. She is looking for another boy that makes her more comfortable. That is why eh looks for other older boy at https://homebetqq.com In spite of the meaning of this song, the junior boys made this song was so fascinating by attaching the hot chip remix since it made the song sounds more sweet. The combination betwen electronic and indie electronic music make this song is great to listen.

Each song has its own story. The origin of the story sometimes comes from the creator’s experience, in this case, junior boys. Then, what is the correaltion between this song and Junior boys life? There is ambiguity answer of this question. Howe ver, one thing you should know, whether it has correlation between Junior Boys or not, we recommend you to listen this song as an entertainment to defend stress since it is an easy listening music.

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