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Junior Boys: 2000’s Version of Electronic Music

What comes to your mind if you hear about Junior Boys?
This Canadian music group is popular because of their marvelous passion in producing electronic music in the era of 2000s. Those who big fans of Junior Boys certainly know that this music group consists of only two musicians, Jerey Greenspan and Johnny Dark. Since Johnny dark left Junior Boys to seek another interest, an engineer, Matt Didemus, replaced him to exist in music field. This music group focus in career of producing electronic music since in the early of 2000 until now. You should know that electronic music becomes trend of genre music today. The harmonious of any kinds of tools in electronic music makes its fans can’t be separated in listening to it. Then, what are distinctions between electronic music in the arly of 2000s and now? How do they develop?

For your information, electronic music is music that taking on electronic musical instruments, circuity-based music technology, and digital instruments. The electronic music has got evolution from time to time. It was found at the return of 20th century. In the early development, electronic music was not sold, yet it was only used in demonstrations and public performances. The vacuum tube, the electronic instruments, has also been developed increasingly since 19th until now. Meanwhile, Junior boys took apart of the electronic music itself. They can be considered as one of the pioneers of the existence of electronic music in the world. They have already developed the quality of their electronic music from time to time until they success in the music industry, especially, electronic music.

In the era of 2000s when Junior boys was formed, a computer has already been more accessible and music software has been develop. This chance was took by te junior boys to make a song. Their numerous song covers remix and original version became popular until the Big Black Coat” which was released on their new label home, City Slang in February 2016. As their fame is getting wider all over the world, junior boys also develop their creativity through electronic music which can increase the quality of their name in the world. Juniorboys now become one of the stunning musicians in the world with numerous achievments. As they created their electronic, they do the best for the sake of their music ambition. For those who love junior boys, you are not wrong to be a part of them since they are considered having strong commitment since they are able to keep their band up until now. If we count from their first debut in the early of 2000s until now, they have already been 20 years in involving themselves in music industry. It is not surprising that they have millions fans in the world. However, they need to do more effort in developing their music since the compitition music industry is not easy. Thus, they need to always upgrade the quality of their electronic music in order to be always accepted by people in the world.

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