A Second Album of Junior Boys So This Is Good Bye

A Second Album of Junior Boys So – This Is Good Bye

Junior Boys, A Canadian music group brings the electronic music as their genre, have thousands fans in the world, especially in Canada. People who are big fans of Junior Boys might familiar and count on their debut albums. This music group formed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, comes out with genre music electropop, dance-pop, indie electronic, and technopop music. These genres of music are considered as modern eventhough they were produced in the era of 2000s. Junior boys is not a brand new music group, yet they had been emerged since 1999. What makes them exist until now is their compactness, solidarity, and commitment. By holding these principals, they can exist in the middle of competition of music group in the world. Junior boys consists of two cool men, Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus. At the early time they run the mudic group, Johnny Dark was involved. Yet before their debute album, Johnny Dark left the band and was replaced by Matt Didemus. In this article, we would like to share you about one of Junior Boys albums, So This Is Goodbyeö. We will not discuss about discography of Junior Boys since we merely focus on their album, So This Is Goodbye.

So This is Goodbye was the second album of Junior Boys which was released on 22 August 2006 by cooperating with the label of Domino Recording Company. It covered 10 song tracks with the single In The Morning which was written by Junior Boys and Andi Toma. The song of In The Morning was released on 11 July 2006. All songs in this album were written by Junior Boys except for a song When No One Cares which was written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen. The songs contained in this album were included on iTunes which ease their fans to reach their songs. So This is Goodby also contains remix version of numerous junior Boy’s song and the live song from the iTunes session. Junior boys debut album, then, was released 21 September 2004 on KIN Records. Each song has its own story. The origin of the story sometimes comes from the creator’s experience, in this case, junior boys. However, one thing you should know, whether it has correlation between Junior Boys or not, we recommend you to listen this song as an entertainment to defend stress since it is an easy listening music.

A Second Album of Junior Boys So This Is Good ByeeIn 2006, Junior Boys released their new remix of The Loving Sounds of Static by Mobius Band on the Ghostly International Idol Tryouts 2 in accumulation of See You on The Moon, exactly on 21 March 2006. Meanwhile, their second album, So This Is Goodbye, was came out in August 2006 on Domino. In 2007, junior boys sparked their wings on a North American tour and Europe for Numerous festivals. The song of The Dead Horse EP was remixed and was released in April. Bandar bola fans also can enjoy the music from iTunes exclusively live EP. This album also contains song tracks of So This Is Goodbye.

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